What I deal with sometimes 5On a new client’s first visit , I always like to take time and explain chiropractic and the adjustment to everyone. I was talking and noticed that there was a glazed look in the person’s face.

I brought it down to a 4th grade level…still glazed look. Frustrated, told her to go ahead and lie down so we could get started. I found some stuff that needed help and proceeded to do “my thing.”

This is how it went:
Me: That was an adjustment.
Client: Are you going to do that again?!
Me: Probably, since I’m a chiropractor and that’s what we do.
Client: Oh, ok.

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  1. This is hilarious! With patients who receive first time chiropractic adjustment, I find you need to take your time with them. I always show them a video of what to expect and answer any questions that they have. Reassurance is key. Thank you for sharing!

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