Thanks for turning my Wednesday night into a Friday Night

Thanks for turning my Wednesday night into a Friday Night 1

I don’t mind being alone. I think when I’m by myself I’m pretty good company.  In fact, one of the best trips I’ve taken was a solo trip to Barcelona. I had found a deal and was ready to pull the trigger but everyone was wishy-washy about going, so I said “f-it, I’m going!” I […]

How I’m Handling being cooped up.

How I'm Handling being cooped up. 3

Ever since the “social distancing” quarantine, Its forced me to change my lifestyle. I guess you could say I’m “lucky” because chiropractors got classified as “essential”. I don’t feel lucky because this is hurting the livelihoods of friends and family. My business is down. Way down. We have instituted an “appointment=only” policy, so im limited […]

Thanksgiving Cruise

Thanksgiving Cruise 4

Shortly after my ex-wife and I split, I had a Thanksgiving Day where I would not spend it with my daughters. It was possibly the most miserable and sad, lonely day I’ve ever had. Even when things were terrible, one of the things that “forced” me to be happy and have fun was a cruise. […]


Weirdo 5

I was waiting at the hair salon for Audrey to get her hair done (at an Asian hair salon in Atlanta, but thats a story for a different time) so I started playing with selfies and Prisma. Some of these turned out pretty creepy.

My New Year’s Resolutions

My New Year's Resolutions 6

Here are my New Year’s Resolutions for 2018. In an attempt to be more accountable, Im sharing these with you.

For the Monday Morning whiners

For the Monday Morning whiners 7

Monday morning again and i start to scroll through my facebook status updates…whine, complain, boo hoo, whine, whine, is all I can see. I have little something to say to all my complaining friends.. If you are whining about not wanting to go to work: At least you have a job…there are a lot of […]

Everything is OK with the world.

It’s a dreary afternoon, my daughter Audrey and I are at the coffee shop sharing a danish. The music is perfectly appropriate. Audrey is engrossed in her game, but it’s fine…we are in sync today. We don’t need to talk to communicate. I’m sitting here watching her and people-watching at the same time. I get […]

Things I would go back and tell my younger self

Things I would go back and tell my younger self 8

I’ve just had a “milestone” birthday, and that’s caused me to reflect back on my life. I don’t regret much…because it’s brought me to this point-a point where I’m generally happy with my life so far.

Be Congruent

  We were just talking today about first impressions when meeting people. Sometimes I get an instant “dislike” to someone upon meeting, even though they have never done or said anything bad to me. The older I get, the more I will usually go with my gut instincts and not engage the person any deeper […]