The whole idea of #noplanstravel got started when I took my girls on vacation with my brother and his kids. The idea was to fly to Las Vegas , rent a car and drive to Los Angeles, then fly home out of San Francisco.

The only thing that we booked were hotel for 3 nights in Vegas and the rental car. After the 3 days we figured we would drive and see what happened because we didn’t know exactly how long things would take.

There were 6 of us total in the minivan we rented and didn’t want to be too tied down to an itinerary. My brother and I had both grown tired of long lists of things to see and to and frustrated and hurried ex-wives hell-bent on trying to accomplish everything on the list.

I remembered nobody really got a chance to enjoy anything.

We stayed in Vegas for two days, thoroughly enjoyed it-did everything we could do (with kids). On the 3rd day we set out to LA. through the desert.

We stopped at some cheesy roadside diner…

Not Planning Led to the Best Vacation Ever 1

These are some of the things I believe happened because we were open to a change in our plans and could embrace something unexpected.

We booked hotels last-minute via Priceline or Hotwire.

To this day the kids say that this was one of the best vacations ever!

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