Ever since the “social distancing” quarantine, Its forced me to change my lifestyle.

I guess you could say I’m “lucky” because chiropractors got classified as “essential”. I don’t feel lucky because this is hurting the livelihoods of friends and family.

My business is down. Way down. We have instituted an “appointment=only” policy, so im limited in the numbers I can see. But at least I can get out and have some sort of contact with people.

I’m watching a lot of TV

There is a bunch of streaming stuff out there ( I don’t have traditional cable TV)

There are deals on free trials for streaming services. Like some of these:

If you know of any other good trials, let me know, I’ll add them here.

Cooking and Eating

We’ve been cooking a lot, and as a result, eating a lot. Doesn’t help when the dishwasher decides to die in a period when there are more dishes to do than ever.

Organizing and More

We have been cleaning and organizing stuff. Can’t complain about not having enough time now.

My daughter thought it would be a good idea to color my hair, and since we were both bored, I agreed.

How I'm Handling being cooped up. 1
Yes, it’s blue. Relax. It washes off. Eventually.

Btw, I’ve WANTED to experiment with hair color since it’s now socially acceptable to a guy to try colors. What’s interesting is how some people are reacting to the change in color. I may keep it to piss off some of those people.


Ah, no reading yet, I’m afraid. I did download a few new Audiobooks from Audible. (yes, they had a free trial too)

Hopefully we will all have a good laugh when all this is done. In the meantime, catch up on some shows!

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