Happy Birthday, Dad! 1
my uncle Tony on the left and my dad on the right

It’s my birthday…and there’s the usual comments on facebook congratulating me on making it through another year-but I also shared my birthday with my father. So every time my birthday rolls around, I always think of him.

I can’t believe it’s been over 18 years since he’s been gone. Funny thing is, I will have conversations with him in my dreams…he will counsel me on certain things And then when I wake, my heart sinks a little because I realize he’s not really here.

My father was not perfect-I know that…I know he wasn’t a very good husband. But then again, I have two exes that would probably say the same thing…

One of the things I always admired about him was that he was cool under pressure, even when people around him were falling to pieces… he seemed to have it together. I always strive to be like that.

He always tried to help people…almost to a fault. He was an architect and I remember my parents arguing because he didn’t charge people or let them pay in “installments”. I remember that financially it was either “feast or famine”-so I suppose he wasn’t a financial whiz either.

I know some would hate to turn out like their parents…but looking back, I guess I do have a lot I inherited from him-good AND bad. But the one thing that was outstanding about him, is that he was a great father.

I want to be remembered that way as well.

Happy Birthday, Dad!

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