Dan Versus The Korean Spa

Dan Versus The Korean Spa 5

One day while sitting around talking to some friends they started talking about this Korean Spa in Atlanta and what a wonderful and strange experience it was. They said I definitely HAD to go and I would enjoy it. Always looking for new experiences that may be able to help my clients, I made a […]

Things I would go back and tell my younger self

Things I would go back and tell my younger self 8

I’ve just had a “milestone” birthday, and that’s caused me to reflect back on my life. I don’t regret much…because it’s brought me to this point-a point where I’m generally happy with my life so far.

Contaminating the relationship with a lie

Contaminating the relationship with a lie 13

Audio Transcription Okay, So what was the what was the first signs of divorce or the divorce was imminent or the breakdown of the relations? Well, the breakdown of the relationship is that you are still being honest. I totally agree with that. I mean, seriously, if you stop being honest like you can’t say, […]

How I’m Handling being cooped up.

How I'm Handling being cooped up. 14

Ever since the “social distancing” quarantine, Its forced me to change my lifestyle. I guess you could say I’m “lucky” because chiropractors got classified as “essential”. I don’t feel lucky because this is hurting the livelihoods of friends and family. My business is down. Way down. We have instituted an “appointment=only” policy, so im limited […]


Christmas 16

We had a pretty good Christmas. We went to the girls’ grandmothers house for a nice Cuban dinner. The night before that the girls surprised me with a fire pit and put up lights on the back porch where I had been wanting to do something with that area. Of course, I got all emotional.

Thanksgiving Cruise

Thanksgiving Cruise 23

Shortly after my ex-wife and I split, I had a Thanksgiving Day where I would not spend it with my daughters. It was possibly the most miserable and sad, lonely day I’ve ever had. Even when things were terrible, one of the things that “forced” me to be happy and have fun was a cruise. […]