alienA little while ago there was a big fuss made over an apparent “alien creature” that was discovered in Panama.It looked to me like it was some sort of hairless sloth. Sloths are all over the place in Panama, so that does seem like a decent explanation. However, here is a blog post that may shed a liitle more light on the subject:

After posting the story last Thursday I received a phone call from a high level government official in the new Panamanian administration. He told me that several days ago a U.S government G5 landed at the old Howard Air force base where the frozen body of this creature was loaded and taken away. I asked him if he had seen the body personally and if there were more photos available. He said, yes he had seen it and that Panamanian zoologists and medical doctors had examined the body and had taken numerous photos. He said it definitely was not a hairless sloth and that they could not identify what it was. I asked him if he could get me some photos and he said the “U.S. government guys” had demanded all photo’s and all instruments used in the examination of the body to be turned over to them. Any materials that came in contact with the body were also handed over. Everyone who was involved in the examination was debriefed and told not to talk to anyone about it. He said the cave the creature supposedly came out of has been thoroughly examined by both the Panamanian and U.S. government. more…

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  1. This is crazy is there really aliens among us wow this discover is amazing .. i wish that it was alive so that we can figure out what it is exactly and where did it come from .

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