1. I was born little early at 7 months in Colon, In Panama-apparently I was not supposed to “make it” I did just fine.

2. My first language is Spanish, but I never took a Spanish class in my life-since I went to the Canal Zone Schools in Panama

3. My dad was an architect and I could read blueprints when I was 7.

4. I sing in the car when I’m alone.

5. I wanted to be a comic book artist.

6. I know the lyrics to tons of old Tango songs-My mom was a singer, and performer and used to sing all the time. After a while I just learned them all. (and like them)

7. I hate raw onions, but love sauteed ones

8. I really enjoy quiet time by myself-

9. The last time I had a medical “checkup” was in 2000.

10. I have had many jobs in my life-I have worked in fast food, dressed up as a dinosaur in a theme Park, sold vacuum cleaners, rented cars, sold real estate, telemarketed, bartended, been a bouncer at a club, worked in a health food store, worked in a cell phone store, bagged groceries and cashiered in a supermarket, did cubicle work for GMAC, waited tables at Red Lobster, did inventory work, temped as a go-fer at tradeshows, worked as holiday help at Marshall’s and Burdine’s. Of all those, I think working in a cubicle was the one I detested the most.

11. I have been rude to Lauren Hutton and Larry King (Lauren Hutton demanded that she borrow my phone when I rented cars at the airport and Larry King wanted me to drop a car off at HIS place)

12. I love music-really almost all types. I regret not having learned to play and instrument (I used to play clarinet and drums in high school and could read music-I guess I just forgot)

13. I want to write a book

14. I used to have long hair, a ponytail and an earring

15. I won airline tickets to Hawaii and once to “anywhere in the continental US” I took out a map and saw that Seattle was the farthest I could go and thats where I went.

16. I want to try standup comedy.

17. Im not really into pets!

18. I have had a gun pulled on me 3 times, and I stabbed my brother with a pencil once when we were kids.

19. I don’t take aspirin or painkillers, not because I don’t get pain-its just the principle of the thing.

20. When I was a kid, I was fascinated with Japanese things, I even tried to learn Japanese on my own

21. I love to travel.

22. It makes me sad when people don’t see that health comes from inside out

23. I love having one on one conversations with my daughters

24. I want to retire (not really) somewhere in Latin America

25. I found this list incredibly hard to write