“Slow it Down”-Lumineers

"Slow it Down"-Lumineers 1

I feel her filth in my bonesWash off my hands ’til it’s goneThe walls they’re closing inWith velvet curtains   Some love was made for the lightsSome kiss your cheek and goodnightLift up a red high heelLock up your doors with steel They’re makin’ noise in my streetMy blinds are drawn I can’t seeSmashed in […]

Fictional Character that Best Represents your Personality: Batman

low angle photo of man wearing batman costume

Batman has a lot of old pain that made him who he is. He is a loner. Others see him as emotionally distant, but that is only as armor to protect himself from getting hurt.  He also does not have time to tiptoe around hurting others’ feelings when there is a job to be done. Rules […]